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Hey there, I’m Jillian!

Headshot of Jillian standing in front of windows. She is smiling and wearing a black top and a green cartigan.
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Twitter: @uxhowarth

I’m a UX Designer who is currently working in snowy Boulder, Colorado. 

As a designer with a background in Human Factors Engineering, I bring a unique blend of technical proficiency and creative problem solving to the table. My passion lies in simplifying complex systems and unifying user experiences, resulting in designs that are visually appealing, intuitive, and functional.

After graduating from Tufts University in 2019, I spent two years working on IBM’s Carbon Design System. I spent my time designing UX patterns that were flexible enough to apply across hundreds of products. Additionally, I educated new designers and developers on the best practices for leveraging the design system, and tackled challenges relating to scaling the system and its corresponding sub-systems. During my time working on Carbon, I spearheaded user research initiatives to improve the design system, and cultivated a network of internal designers and developers who provided valuable feedback about the system.

Now, at Cimpress Technology, I split my time between designing B2B products and working on our design system. I am working to reduce complexity and streamline existing products and new features to enhance user experience. Currently, my primary focus is creating a seamless onboarding experience across multiple tools and ensuring the tools are consistent in their designs. I am also leading the charge in building the company's first design system.My goal is to create a design system that supports our designers in creating consistent, cohesive designs without slowing down their progress.

My love for design and engineering extends far beyond my work. In my free time, you can find me folding paper tessellations and making paper crafts, running D&D campaigns, and playing with my Labrador Retriever, Scout. 

Core Values

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

I strongly believe in the power of cross-disciplinary collaboration in design. Working with individuals from disciplines and domains provides me with new perspectives, contexts, and ideas, leading to a more creative and effective design process. Collaboration allows me to see beyond the boundaries of my discipline and produce innovative solutions.

Purposeful Content & Communication

I understand and advocate for the importance of content design in shaping the overall user experience. My goal is to create a seamless and enjoyable experience while ensuring that the content serves its intended purpose and is accessible to users. 

Embrace the Unknown

I thrive in situations that require me to design with ambiguity. The design process is inherently uncertain, and the path to a successful outcome is rarely straightforward. By embracing the ambiguity, I am able to approach each project with an open mind, free from preconceptions and biases. This allows me to explore a range of possibilities, challenge assumptions, and develop creative solutions that can adapt to changing circumstances.







Sr. UX Designer

UX Designer

Visiting Professor

UX Design Intern

UX Design Intern

Cimpress Technology


IBM — Carbon Design System

Tufts University

Garmin International

Cimpress Technology

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