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International travel is on the rise. In South Africa, the Western Cape Government wants to take advantage of this rise in travel to bring more tourists to Cape Town and the Western Cape. In order to create programs to draw in visitors, the Western Cape Government was looking for more information as to who is coming to the Western Cape, what they are doing there, and what they are spending money on. The Government decided to specifically focus on Indian and American tourists because both countries have seen especially large spikes in international tourism. 


Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism

Summer 2016


UX Researcher








I conducted my research through interviewing tourists and using a survey. The first place I tried to talk to people was the V&A Waterfront. It is a fairly popular boardwalk and shopping mall among both South Africans and tourists. I quickly learned that very few people were willing to stop and talk to me, and many were skeptical of my intentions. Quite a few people also either rushed through the survey or left questions blank, making it hard to know if the information was accurate.


Realizing that I needed a new plan, I decided to change locations to the base of Table Mountain. Another popular tourist attraction, there is a cable car that takes people up to the top of the mountain. The line to ride the cable car is always long (an hour plus in the morning) and I thought that if people were bored and standing in line, they would be more likely to talk to me. Over two days at Table Mountain, I was able to connect with fifteen tourists through the interviews and survey. This provided me the insight I needed to develop personas.


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Krista Persona
Jenna Persoa
Mark Persona
Suraj Persona

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