Photoshop Course

Dawson Summer Initiative is a five week academic program for middle school students that runs every summer. During the first two and a half weeks, the students listen to speakers and learn about a theme. The students also learn video, Adobe Photoshop, and design skills. In the second two and a half weeks, the students use what they've learned to create an in-depth project about a more specific topic relating to the theme. 


Summer 2012 - Summer 2016

5 Weeks each summer


Photoshop & Design Instructor

Teaching Assistant

Tools Taught

Adobe Photoshop

Beginner Design Theory

Design Thinking Methods


30-40 student posters each summer

Summer 2012 - Summer 2014

Teaching Assistant

I worked as a teaching assistant, helping the Photoshop instructor run his class and answering questions that the students had. When the students transitioned to making their posters, I helped them iterate on their designs and create the posters in Photoshop.

Summer 2015 - Summer 2016

Photoshop Instructor

I developed and taught a four day Photoshop and design curriculum. During my class, I taught the students the fundamentals that the students needed to build their posters, showed them the capabilities of Photoshop, encouraged them to stick with it, and exposed them to the basic principles of design and design thinking. Through the class I taught the students how to design with empathy and consider their audience before jumping into their posters. 


I also helped the students build out and iterate on their posters. Once the posters were finished, I prepped them all and sent them to a professional printer. 

Final Exhibition Student Posters

Posters I Made for the Program
2014 student school poster
2015 student school poster

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